What I’m doing now

December 13th, 2010

Since abandoning the idea of writing songs one tweet at a time, I’ve found myself…not writing songs. When I do they come only as fragments. I’d like to cut out more time to start writing lyrics for songs I find on creative commons sites, the idea of being a MacBook only musician appeals to me. What I’m missing, and this is coming up in my day jobs as well as my “night” one, is the thread of the story. Finding, inventing and telling stories is my vocation and hobby but I find it harder and harder to stay creative and keep my inner critic from prematurely killing creative impulses. How do you keep ideas fresh, flowing and flush?

Last year I wrote songs based on fairy tales, and I though I like these songs a lot, it does seem “done.” Should I try to write a song after each book I read? Is the world ready for another song about steampunk?

From Endarkened93 Youtube channel. Kind of a Billy Joel quality.

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