Why so busy? Did you get a day job?

October 17th, 2010

Yes, and then some. This fall I leveled up my volunteering at Washington EnsembleTheatre, an amazing collaborative ensemble of fiercely talented artists and designers who volunteer massive amounts of time, energy and passion to bring some beautifully edgy work to the stage. I have been spending a lot of time as their Community Manager, working with the team to establish a blog, regular facebook goodies, and bring excellent shows like Sextet to new audiences.

Working with a local theatre is very important to me and I dedicate oodles of time to reading and seeing art. But I haven’t had one doodle of songwriting inspiration since I started. I think this year is about working to celebrate other people’s art. Hopefully, my own is simmering back there, ready to explode in the spring.


Go see Sextet for a incredible musical experience

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