My blog is so green it’s rusting

September 10th, 2010

I just haven’t been musical lately, instead spending all of my time on client projects, twittering about content strategy and watching True Blood. I’ve only written one song I’ve liked this whole month…

My heart breaks a bit
Each time you mention it
Feel a fever on my skin
Start hoping I can believe in

This thing we’ve started
goes too far
and I’ve got to guard my heart
Keep it in one piece
So there’s something left
when you leave

A heart of ice can melt
too fast
Same as a heart of glass
breaks so easy
And that’s why you need me

To keep a good check on the path
we’ll find our own way back
when it’s all over
You’ll be glad that I told ya

Don’t get me started
When I get going
There’s no way of slowing
Down my love
I’m going down by love
I’m holding on too fast
I can’t control it

Don’t make me show it
Don’t make me show it

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