My French is so rusty it’s green

May 26th, 2010

Want to help me write cajun songs? Please suggest changes! I don’t know what I’m doing, vraiment 🙂

I already have to change the song I’ve been tweeting ’cause if I thought my French was bad, my Cajun is much worse. My vocabulary is probably less than that of an average two year old, so I take a lot of liberty with my translations to english in order to preserve the rhyme.

La Belle Mechant

Mon ‘tit amie, mon amour
Pourquoi tu veux casser mon coeur?
Je t’ai donné tout mon argent
les jolis bijoux et grands cadeux
Mais tu est satisfaits jamais
pas dans les nuits ou matinées
Mon amie, ma chère
Doucement, doucement avec mon coeur

Tu es la belle du bayou
‘vec les cheveux noirs et les yeux bleus
mais tu badjeule comme une ‘tit puce
jamais content, jamais douce

English Translation

Oh, my sweetheart, my love
why do you want to break my heart
I gave you all my money
pretty jewels and big gifts
But you are never satisfied
not in the mornings or the night
My sweetheart, my dear
be careful, careful with my heart

You are the belle of the bayou
with black hair and eyes of blue
But you pick and nag just like a flea
never happy, never sweet

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