Genealogy sneaks into song

April 2nd, 2010

My aunt has been filling me in on the extensive Genealogy research she’s done regarding our relatives and those of emigrants to Louisiana in general. With both Cajun and Quebecois grandparents, my own interest has been in those peeps coming from France. Honestly, I’m too new to understand much of what I’m learning, I’m just loving the names: Aglae, Arthymis, Oglarde, Octave, Maximeline, Vitaline, Seraphine, Janvier, Felanise, Domitile, Apoline, Hercule.

And the very best my Cajun great grandmother – Louisiana Champagne. SO I have to write a song about her. This is my tribute to New Orleans, why I don’t live there, why I still wish I did, and just in general love to my favorite American city.

Louisiana Champagne

Everybody knows that I can’t handle my liquor
Not long ago, I used to try but those days are past
Even with a name like a Bourbon Street stripper
my kind of fun don’t come by the bottle or the glass

Louisiana champagne that southern sensation
Louisiana champagne a lifetime libation
embracing the emotion, a personal devotion
to live it up the Louisiana way

I’m talkin about food that’s still worth tasting
music that makes you want to dance
If the night’s too short, the band keep’s playing
show you do it up a la Louisiane

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