Looking for a Foley

March 13th, 2010

After seeing “Songs of wars I have seen”at On the Boards in Seattle, I just felt energized. Like I do after most every On the Board’s performance.

Why am I inspired? I don’t generally love classical, minimalist, experimental music, I mean to say that I like straight up melodies, pop songs, musicals, ear candy. My favortite On the Boards moment was a man with a boombox pretending to be a “Pip”, just one lonely pip dancing and singing a long with radio Gladys and the others. It was the saddest, funniest thing I’ve seen.

But Heiner Goebbels’ “Songs” had a amazing ensemble, the percussionist had ever imaginable sound maker going off back there while the keyboardist on the mac’s ultra modern “found sounds” were both haunting and elevating. In short, the sound effects rocked!

I want to collaborate again. I want someone to teach me to hear strange whistles and bells where now I only here upright piano. It’s time for me to make mac friends and make music.

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