January 29th, 2010

Now that the verses of my first social media song have been sent, the rewriting has been on my mind so I’ll start logging those changes today. Tweeting compelled me to try and build a narrative, writing verses consectutively while playing Beatles Rockband makes me want to emulate a little “Dig a pony.” The rewrite emphasizes the bird thread…

Crows are afraid of honeybees
We can be grateful for a little sting
Without them the crows are unruly thieves
A balance in everything

Something’s out of sync, the black turns white
A longer day, fly right through night
My love, my life intensified, intensified

All my plans were going so good
Lucky star I thought I’d follow it
Didn’t think for a moment to stand still

Wasn’t looking anywhere and I found you

Don’t Say it Don’t Say Don’t
Don’t Say it Don’t Say No
Don’t say No Don’t say No

Like a magpie in the morning sun
Want to sweep up and take you home
don’t want to share you with anyone

But the timing’s bittersweet
I can’t stay and you can’t leave
There’s only so long I can stay in flight

Only so many times I can say goodbye


Don’t say No Don’t say Try
Don’t say Go Don’t say Why
Don’t say Goodbye

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