misty weaver

Singer-songwriter and Content Strategist. This is the website for the album, “Lost Saints for Long Roads.” If you want to learn more about Content Strategy, please visit

Misty Weaver Lost Saints for Long Roads

Roger Palmeri & I wrote, recorded and produced “Lost Saints for Long Roads” in 2008. These songs were inspired by Hurricane Katrina. Lost Saints helped me celebrate what I love about my home town in Louisiana and grieve for the loss that sometimes comes with ‘moving on and growing up’. People have categorized my sound as as Americana, Alt Country, Southern Gothic, Folk, and Jazzy, which is great because that’s my kind of music.

Give a listen on Bandcamp, I hope you like it.

content strategist

I work primarily in Content Strategy. What’s that, you ask? It’s making a solid plan for content throughout its life cycle, from creation to publication to on-going governance. It can mean print, websites, social media, or a many, many places as the digital universe expands. At it’s core, Content Strategy is about people, content, and creating systems that support them all.

Songwriting keeps me happy and sane and it also taught me a great deal about language, narrative, and structure. Studying English, Journalism and Library Science didn’t hurt, either.